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Present on the plastic market since 1986, we have a long experience in producing bags and similar in both virgin material an regenerated  (HPDE, MDPE, LDPE).
The research and development of new products, technological innovation and
 the continuous improvement of quality standards  are  the company's focal point.
 In the modern plant that grows in an area of  12.000 mq of wich  6.500 are covered, use of the more advanced machinery and technologies allow the control of  the whole production cycle .
Twelve extrusion plants with a daily production of approx 75 ton. of half-processed working togheter with 16 welding machines and 6 packaging machines ensure a continuous cycle processing.

Quality is a point for CAGLIPLAST our internal office grant with daily test the full respect of the ISO requirement in every step of prod: from the finest selection of raw to the inspection of half-processed ; from the resistance tests of welds and final packaging to the shipment of the finished product.
Trade policy aimed at customer loyalty, coupled with the long process of learning the technical and productive issue, make CAGLIPLAST  a specialist and competitive company capable of providing customers with excellent quality standards of products and perfect reliability in compliance with the terms supply.